Timber Vaults vs. Tactical Traps vs. Tactical Walls

Timber Vaults vs. Tactical Traps vs. Tactical Walls

Ever wonder what the differences are between Tactical Traps vs Timber Vaults? Maybe you also want to compare Tactical Walls to Timber Vaults. If you are looking for a concealment furniture, you've likely heard of all three brands and wondered what is the difference between them. 

Our mission at TimberVaults is to build the best concealment furniture on the market and to provide the best value for our customers. As such, we often compare ourselves to our competitors and their offerings to ensure that we are providing the best value. Rather than keeping this comparison between Tactical Traps and Tactical Walls private, we've decided to share our findings. 

Tactical Traps vs Tactical Walls vs TimberVaults

As you can see, we don't have as many color options as some of our competitors. We admit this shortcoming and want to improve on it by adding more color options in the future. Drop us a line at info@timbervaults.com and let us know what wood colors or other product ideas you'd like to see us build in the future. 

What we do offer for our concealment home decor is a extremely well made product at a fair price and fast shipping. No tactical walls coupon code needed here. Simply click below to explore our selection of gun concealment home decor and store your gun safely! 

concealment shelf

If you are ready to shop now, take a look at our in-stock concealment shelves and concealment mirrors to store your firearm. 

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