The use of concealment mirrors blends everyday function with larger capacity allowing you to quickly access your firearm. Day after day, a mirror attractively fits into any décor and serves as a perfect distractor. But in a time of need, it’s there, offering fast private access.


Regardless of its placement in a living room, bedroom or dining area, a hidden gun mirror gives you the upper hand for threats like robbery, home invasion or burglary. And knowing you-and only you-have immediate access to a weapon, passport, important documents, keys or other items brings peace of mind.


With this discrete storage, you can quickly defend your home or keep important items safe. Only you will know what’s hidden in plain sight.


Our mirrors offer an additional layer of private access: RFID. Unlike magnet-based systems which can be easily opened, only your specific access card or bracelet will release the locking mechanism.
Exceptional hardwood stocks and remarkably precise craftsmanship offer a beautiful, classic look-and never give away your secret.


Suitable for a handgun, vehicle keys, safe keys, cash, passports or any small private item.

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