Everything you need to know about Gun concealment Furniture

Posted by Staff Writer on May 4th 2024

Everything you need to know about Gun concealment Furniture

Concealment furniture, the ideal hidden gun storage solution? 

Before we dive in its important to understand exactly what concealment furniture is and what role it may play in  your home. As seen in the video below, Concealment furniture, particularly concealment shelves, serves as an ideal solution for hidden gun storage, offering a blend of practicality and security. These innovative pieces provide quick access to firearms while maintaining discretion. By seamlessly integrating into various rooms within a home, they offer versatility and convenience. Moreover, utilizing concealment furniture for hidden gun storage minimizes the risk of unauthorized access by children.  These unique pieces of furniture provide fast access in the time of need while limiting unauthorized access. Whether it's a living room, bedroom, or office, concealment furniture ensures firearms are within reach when needed, yet discreetly hidden when not in use, enhancing safety and peace of mind.


Types of concealment furniture: Secret shelf gun safe vs other types of concealment furniture

When considering concealment furniture, the options typically includes just secret shelf gun safes, concealment coffee tables, and concealment mirrors. Let’s start with a review of Timbervault’s hidden gun shelf. These shelves come in multiple sizes, syles and colors to ensure they fit a range of firearms from pistols to rifles . In addition, the benefit of using a drop down hidden shelf is that there is an option that can seamlessly blend in to any room wether it be at home or at the office. 

Hidden shelf gun safe

While concealment shelves tend to be extremely popular, Concealment mirrors also have their place. These are typical at home in entry way hallways and bedrooms. The benefit of concealment mirrors is their larger storage and lower profile to the wall. The downside however is these units typically require a hole to be cut in the wall for installation. Less comment are concealment coffee tables because they are typically only stored in a living room. With numerous options available, gun owners can select the type of concealment furniture that best suits their preferences and fits seamlessly into their living environment, ensuring both functionality and discretion.

secret shelf gun safe

How to install a hidden shelf gun safe

One of the biggest considerations when selecting a hidden shelf gun safe is how easy is it to install and how sturdy is it? There are lots of options available users should look for options that can be installed quickly, be removable and can hold at least 50 pounds. The video below reviews Timbervaults tactical shelf and shows what it takes to install a hidden shelf gun safe in your home. 

Which is better: Gun safe shelf vs a traditional gun safe

Comparing a gun safe shelf to a traditional gun safe is like comparing apples to oranges. In our opinion a well thought out solution includes both. Below are a few pros and cons of utilizing a gun safe shelf vs a traditional gun safe. Want to dig deeper on which might be right for you? See the video from Navy seal Frogman tactical that perfectly illustrates the pros and cons of both types of gun storage options. 

Gun Safe Shelf


  1. Accessibility: Gun safe shelves offer quick access to firearms, 
  2. Concealment: They blend seamlessly into the home environment, providing hidden storage that allows you to safely store your gun in any room of the house.
  3. Space-efficient: Gun safe shelves maximize space utilization, making them suitable for smaller living spaces.


  1. Limited capacity: While convenient for quick access to a few firearms, gun safe shelves may have limited storage capacity compared to traditional safes.
  2. Security concerns: Let’s be honest a wood gun safe shelf save just isn’t going to provide the same level of security as a fireproof steel traditional gun safe.
gun safe shelf

Traditional Safe


  1. High security: Traditional gun safes offer robust protection against theft, tampering, and unauthorized access.
  2. Large capacity: They can accommodate a larger number of firearms, as well as other valuables and important documents.
  3. Fire and water resistance: Many traditional gun safes are designed to withstand fire and water damage, providing added protection for stored items.


  1. Accessibility: Retrieving firearms from a traditional gun safe may take longer due to their bulkier design and locking mechanisms.
  2. Space requirements: Traditional gun safes require dedicated space within the home, which may be a constraint in smaller living environments.
  3. Lack of concealment: Unlike gun safe shelves, traditional safes are typically conspicuous and won’t blend in to a living room, bedroom or office. 

Where to buy a hidden gun shelf

There are lots of options when it comes to buying a hidden gun shelf. In addition, some individuals prefer to DIY and build their own concealment furniture. While there are lots of options available, Timbervaults premium hidden gun shelf not only looks good but is powered by a batter powered RFID lock that allows super fast access. In addition, it is the only hidden gun shelf on the market that mounts using a welded steel mounting bracket which provides additional security and allow for holding as much as 100 pounds. 

hidden gun shelf