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5 Ways to Use Hidden Gun Storage at Home

Where are your guns, right now? If someone burst into your home, would you be prepared to defend your family? What if it happened in the middle of the night? 

You could argue the criminals of 2022 were bolder than ever before. Even with the presence of surveillance and cameras on everyone’s hip, we saw crime rise to astounding levels in our cities. 2023 is going to be much more of the same. 

Many of us carry firearms for just this reason. However, what is the process at home? When you are in your safe haven, where are your firearms stored? Perhaps it's time you considered a hidden gun shelf. We are going to look at 5 ways to use hidden gun storage at home. 


While having hidden gun storage is practical and makes you feel like some kind of John Wick, there is a very deep philosophical reason behind storing guns in different places around your home. It is known as decentralized gun storage, and it is built on the principle that locking all your guns up in one place is bad. 

This puts you in a very bad position to defend your home and your family should you need a weapon, but you do not have the time to get up to the room that has the safe, open the safe, grab a weapon, and potentially load it. 

Decentralized gun storage is all about having weapons stored securely and safely around the home in various rooms so that you can respond to a threat quickly and effectively. 

Timber Vaults are one example of this. We are going to look at 5 ways to use hidden gun storage at home and master decentralized gun storage.

ACE Small Concealment Shelf

This is the ultimate hidden gun shelf. The ACE small concealment shelf gives you all the options. They are incredibly affordable, made of top quality materials, and you can hang them all over the house. From a gun storage design standpoint this allows you to hang these shelves in multiple rooms or even multiple shelves in a single room.

The ACE comes in white, brown, and black, to match any décor naturally. The shelf is 19” in total length and opens to reveal a storage space of 10 X 6.75” for pistols, reloads, and whatever else you can dream up. 

Each shelf is expertly crafted from mahogany veneers. Every Ace comes with 1 RFID key card, 1 RFID Coin, 1 RFID Key fob, 1 battery backup cable and even a built-in backup battery should the RFID system battery fail. 

Decentralized hidden gun storage is discreet and effective, at its best. You get so much out of this small concealment shelf because it is functional beyond just being gun storage, it is beautifully designed, and when hung in a room it draws no attention.

ace Gun concealment home decor

ALPHA Large Hidden Gun Storage Shelf

While small gun storage is very discreet makes things easier, sometimes you need space for a larger weapon. The 12 gauge shotgun is arguably the most effective home defense weapon you can invest in. It is worth noting that you can get about two 12 gauge shotguns for the price of a single AR15 or AK-47. 

Of course, you need a hidden gun shelf large enough to hold something like a 12 gauge or a rifle. That is where the Alpha Large Hidden Gun Storage Shelf comes into play. This larger hidden gun storage option is 44” in length and has the ability to hold a 12 gauge shotgun and then some!

The best part about this shelf is that installation is simple. The entire prebuilt shelf comes to you ready to rock. You are going to affix the welded steel metal bracket to the wall and slide the shelf over the bracket. You can install the Alpha Large Hidden Gun Storage Shelf in less than 30 minutes. 

Store a veritable arsenal right over the bed or in plain sight in your living room, with this hidden gun shelf.

large Gun concealment home decor



False walls, books, and steps are a great option for hidden gun storage. The steps can really be effective because you have lots of space back there. You probably don’t realize how much space you have behind your steps. This means you have a lot of room for long guns. 

False steps are a bit of a project, though. You will have to figure out how to reengineer your steps, so they open up maybe from the bottom step with a hinge or in some other way. A drawer install can be an option, too. 

Overall, this is a pretty cool hidden gun storage method. Though it will favor the person who can do a little woodworking. 

ALPHA Gun Concealment Mirror 
Hidden gun storage doesn’t get much better. You get 30” of storage space inside this mirror. This is perfect for home defense pistols and even smaller carbines.

The mirror itself is sleek and likely to get compliments. I always feel like there is no better metric for knowing your hidden gun storage is working than seeing someone look at themselves in front of the Alpha Gun Concealment Mirror and having no idea the arsenal that sits behind it.

Installation is incredibly simple. This mirror is designed to fit between two studs. This means you will have to remove the drywall and then drill the storage area into the studs. As long as the mirror is flush with the wall you are good to go!

Best of all this vault shares the same RFID locking mechanism that can only be opened using the unique RFID key. So, your guns are hidden and secure.
mirror gun locker



Where and how you store your firearms is easily the most overlooked part of home defense. Our weapons should be easy to access and spread out all over the home. Your shotgun will do you no good if it is locked in a safe upstairs.

Take a look around your home. I am sure you have a place where you can hang a shelf or create a false wall for storing a few firearms, securely, hidden in plain sight.

Get your hands on reliable hidden gun storage so that you can be as prepared as you need to be in these crazy times.