4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Hidden Gun Shelf

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Hidden Gun Shelf


So, you want to buy a hidden gun shelf to store your valuables or your firearm. In this article, we will break down some of the practical things you should consider before installing one. We’ll cover the different locking mechanisms, how to choose the right size, what are the most important features, and why a hidden gun shelf makes sense. Before we dive in, I think it is important to talk first about what a hidden gun shelf is.

What is a hidden gun shelf?

If you have never heard of hidden gun shelves, you are not alone. It’s a relatively new concept for gun storage. Essentially it is a type of shelf that turns any wall into a tactical wall by allowing you to safely and securely store your firearm for fast access. You can think of it as a gun shelf safe. Friends, neighbors, and especially criminals will never know that a gun is securely tucked away inside because they will see nothing but a shelf on the wall. Take a look at the video below and you’ll see what I mean. Most people only see a shelf, but tucked away in this hidden gun shelf is a firearm ready for any emergency.

Why does a hidden gun shelf make sense?

Gun concealment home decor makes sense for multiple reasons. Most people consider tactical walls as a shelf gun safe and while there are many reasons to choose a tactical shelf, what people are most interested in are safety, fast access, and the ability to hide a gun in any room in their home or office.

Traditional gun safes can be great and definitely have their place, however they have several drawbacks. Traditional gun lockers or safes are essentially a big target. If a criminal breaks into your home, the first thing they will go after is a big hulking safe as they know there are valuables inside. As the video shows above, many home burglars find it easy to crack home safes. Concealment home decor however has the advantage of blending into the background where they will go undisturbed. 

Hidden gun shelf

In addition to being incognito, a gun safe shelf offers fast access to your firearm. As seen below the Timbervaults with RFID lock opens in seconds allowing you fast access to your firearm. While you could just store your firearm in a dresser drawer, doing so opens you to significant liability of your handgun being stolen or accessed by small children. According to Project Child Safe, every year in the U.S. nearly 350 children under the age of 17 gain access to a gun and unintentionally kill or injure themselves or someone else. A hidden gun shelf helps to prevent this access because even the nosiest kid will never think that the shelf on the wall is really a gun locker. Lastly, traditional gun safes are often not practical for every room. Gun concealment furniture, however, can be installed in any room where it will blend in seamlessly in your home or office.

Convinced that a home concealment shelf makes sense for you? Keep reading so you can learn about the different types of gun locks used for concealment shelves.

Gun concealment shelf RFID lock vs magnetic lock

When deciding on the best gun concealment shelf you will need to consider what type of locking mechanism makes the most sense. Older tactical furniture and gun concealment home decor relied on magnetic to unlock them. Newer and more secure hidden gun shelves, however rely on RFID technology which is a safer option.

As you may have guessed, a magnetic gun safe relies on magnets to unlock them. The advantage here is that there are no moving parts and no batteries to replace. The disadvantages are significant, however. For starters, anyone with a magnet can open your safe! This makes magnetic gun safes much less secure than RFID concealment home decor. In addition RFID allows for multiple keys and storage options that are just not possible with a magnetic gun shelf. With RFID locks, you can add a key fob or even a card in your wallet so that you always have a key close by. Keeping a magnet on your keychain would be incredibly annoying as it sticks to everything in your pocket plus it has the potential to wreak havoc on electronics like cell phones.

The clear winner here is to go with an RFID powered gun concealment shelf as it is safer and much more practical! 

RFID lock keys concealment funiture

How to choose a hidden gun shelf

When deciding on a hidden gun shelf, there are a few things to consider. The most important feature to consider besides the locking mechanism is how it is mounted to the wall. If you think about the tactical shelf as an AR wall mount you can see that the weight adds up pretty quickly. If you read tactical wall reviews or tactical trap reviews, you will notice that both hidden gun shelf options require using long wood screws to screw the shelf to the wall. While this is a simple solution, you will need to mount the concealment shelf exactly centered on the wood studs. In addition, using the wood screws to screw the concealment shelf directly to the wall limits the amount of weight it can hold.

If you read Timber Vaults reviews, you will notice that customers love the welded steel mounting bracket that securely mounts gun safe shelf to the wall. The steel mounting bracket is rated for up to 50 pounds per stud and makes installation much much easier!

steel bracket tactical wall shelf

You'll also want to consider other features like lighting when buying your next gun safe. Some concealment furniture and concealment home decor include lighting while others don’t. Some customers want their shelf to have a light for added security while others would prefer not to. As such, we at TimberVaults offer the option of being able to install motion activated lighting which can be added to any of our concealment furniture so that you can customize your hidden gun safe.  

Hidden gun shelf concealment shelf

Lastly, when buying a hidden gun safe consider its construction and how long it takes to make it. Some companies make their concealment home decor to order while others are in stock. While made to order may be nice, you’ll need to wait as long as 3 months to get your concealment furniture. For example, Tactical traps recently updated their lead times to indicate that new customers will need to wait as long as 3 months! At Timber Vaults, our concealment furniture is in stock so that you can install your concealment shelf in your home ASAP. 

Closing thoughts

Concealment furniture makes a great solution to safely store your firearm in any room in your home or office. These gun lockers are the ultimate tactical furniture solution to ensure fast access to your firearm while minimizing the risk that your firearm ends up in the wrong hands. If you are ready to “pull the trigger” on a hidden gun shelf, click the link below to explore now!

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