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Premium Hidden Gun Shelf #color_brownOn sale concealment Shelf #color_brown
Ace Small Concealment Shelf w/ RFID Lock
Sale price$259.00

3 colors available

Installs in minutes

Safely hide your gun in plain sight

Timber Vaults installs in minutes using our welded steel mounting brackets.

Effective preparation for a home invasion, burglary or any hostile situation means immediate, private access to a weapon. It means keeping valuables hidden. It means keeping your family safe.

A concealment shelf (sometimes called a tactical shelf) offers a completely hidden covert compartment to keep its contents known only to you. With this discrete storage, you can quickly defend your home or keep important possessions hidden in plain sight.

Our shelves offer an additional layer of private access: RFID. Unlike magnet-based systems which can be easily opened, only your specific access card will release the locking mechanism. Exceptional hardwood stocks and remarkably precise craftsmanship offer a beautiful, classic look-and never give away your secret.

Each shelf is suitable for a handgun, vehicle keys, safe keys, cash, passports or any small private item. Using several shelves on your wall creates a great look while offering a tactical advantage. Key fob, card, RFID tag (coin) all included with your handgun safe.